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With camping season upon us, what better way to get that bonfire going than our one of a kind Fire-Starters! Our Fire-Starters are sustainably made with soy wax, so no bee villages were pillaged. wood shavings, a biproduct of our furniture making process and packaging from an environmentally focused company which never uses harmful chemicals like PFOS, or PFAs. Limited supply, so grab one today!

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Each piece here at FullCircleMakers is made-to-order, designed from scratch and made by hand and with locally sourced lumber. all by-products are re-used post production to lower our footprint.


  • New Beginnings..

    FullCircleMakers was founded officially in 2021. Our goal is to bring you a truly one of a kind piece to pass down for generations to come. Have a favorite tree that may reluctantly need removal? Contacts us, and we will make sure you hold on to a piece of that forever!